Hi, I’m Emily.

I’m a digital storyteller, editor and creative communications
professional with a special interest in social business,
fair trade enterprise and the not-for-profit sector.
Currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

words / photography / design / film / copywriting / strategy


Copywriting; editing; brand identity; fair trade vocabulary; product descriptions; press releases; PR.

Hands On

Feature article about Handkrafted, an online marketplace connecting artisan craftspeople with Australian consumers.

Pear Cafe and Bar

Venue profile commissioned by Broadsheet Brisbane. Imagery by Elana Wilson.

Samantha Pleet

Designer profile of Samantha Pleet, contemporary fashion ethically produced in Mumbai, India.

The Tree of Life

Feature article about Safia Minney, founder of ethical fashion label People Tree.

Leila Jeffreys

Interview with Leila Jeffreys, wildlife photographer and author of 'Birdland'.

Edith Rewa

Designer profile of Edith Barrett, botanical illustrator and purveyor of silk scarves.

Flower and the Passion

Feature article about Samorn Sanixay's work with natural dyes for her fair trade label Eastern Weft.

Eastern Weft Samorn Sanixay
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