In addition to contract work, I also offer the following services on a freelance basis.


Communications —

From strategy to execution to evaluation, I can help you tailor your communications so that you get what you need—be it resources, customers, or social change. I am particularly interested in participatory communication processes and techniques.

Communications, fundraising & marketing strategy. Content curation. Social media management. Fundraising campaigns & events. Strategic partnerships & stakeholder management. Concept notes & grant applications. Training & mentoring.

Copywriting —

I can help you ensure the language used on your website, blog and in printed materials is engaging, strategic and consistent. Whether it involves a quick tweak or a complete re-write, there's no project too big or small.

Content analysis. Websites & blogs. Catalogues & brochures. Product descriptions. Press releases. Media requests. Newsletter campaigns. JDs, CVs & contracts. Reports. Copy editing & proof reading.


Creative non-fiction —

For those times when you just can't find the right words, I can leverage my background in journalism and creative writing to author original, imaginative content on behalf of you or your business.

Content marketing. Long-form features. Advertorial. Interviews & reviews. E-books & white papers. Case studies, impact reports & producer stories.

Photography & design —

I'm not a professional designer, but my varied (and largely self-taught) skills in photography, videography, visual communication design and web design mean I can deliver you the full, polished and print-ready package.

Photography & videography. Document design. Visual storytelling concepts. Basic branding & visual identity. WordPress/Squarespace design & build.